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What really matters

We’re at a turning point in our economy. Due to the massive increase in the significance of knowledge work, talent is becoming a strategic competitive advantage and is often the only thing that sets a company apart from its competition. In order to win over talent in this competition, it is necessary to have complementary competencies, experience, an integrated approach to employer marketing, and a partnership on equal footing with clients and target groups.



This is our advantage: all relevant competencies are gathered within the MYTY network, in order to successfully win the battle for these talents. But MYTY is not only an umbrella for competencies. It is also a philosophy and an approach: we break down disciplinary silos and form dedicated teams for our clients.


What makes the shortage of skilled workers so dangerous for a company?

It gets expensive

Difficulties in filling vacancies lead to longer recruitment times and therefore to higher costs for companies. In addition, increased competition can lead to rising salary levels. Both have an impact on profitability and returns.

Employees are overworked

Understaffing means a greater burden on existing employees. This strain can in turn lead to departures or losses and usually has a negative impact on corporate culture and the working environment.

Growth is slowed down

Companies that have difficulties finding qualified workers have lower potential for growth and risk becoming less competitive.

Integration takes more time

Recruiting abroad is necessary and increases diversity, but it also ties up more resources and capacities in terms of time for the integration of new employees.

Portfolio is restricted

Lack of capacity reduces the range of products and services in the mid-term. Instead of focusing on core competencies, the focus is on feasibility.

Productivity suffers

The lack of skilled workers leads to difficulties initiating and implementing technological advancements, causing a slowdown in productivity gains.

Know-how drains off

The focus on new, potential employees can frustrate existing ones and create distance in their relationship with their employer. Employer branding begins at home! Retention programs and development plans turn employees into loyal ambassadors and secure relevant know-how.

The brand becomes interchangeable

WHY, purpose, vision; the name of the guiding idea is not decisive. Organizations that do not offer clear orientation or create meaning through their actions, cannot position themselves independently. Without positioning, there is no (labor) market success, because employees look for meaning.


Where do you stand?

The labor market is (currently) a supplier market. Profiling and positioning are therefore the keys to relevance and attention. Is your organization fit enough for the intense battle for talent?

Every development begins with analyzing your starting point. In doing so, we can take the first step together.

Answer the following 20 questions and we will show you how your company performs against the top 5, 10 and 20 employer criteria and how your mix of motivators and hygiene factors stack up.


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Working together beats working alone

The acute shortage of skilled workers in all industries leads to the circulation of countless checklists and listicles that purport to solve the problem with a few measures. Measures, of course, that are used by all competitors.

However, the task is more complex and, as with many models, the factors for success/objectives also include conflicting goals. Because of this, members of the consultation and implementation team must complement each other.

So it’s not only the analytical, creative, digital, HR or marketing expertise that matters, but the interplay between them. The best team with a clear game plan must be on the playing field.

What makes the issue so complex and how do you address this fact? We believe that success lies in balancing a goal pentagon:



The quick, original idea in the digital address is only sustainable if the other points of contact with the organization also pay into the same account.

The perfect Instagram post must therefore be consistent with the first encounter in real life, the culture in the interview, and the image among the candidate’s peer group. The nucleus of the journey is the Employer Value Proposition (EVP), the frame is an adaptive consulting model. And: employer branding begins at home. Existing employees are the greatest asset in the battle for talent and they should feel it too.



In which phase of the talent journey do we have deficits, which motivators are we missing in storytelling, what is our core target group, how do we achieve more diversity?

Focus is a key to successful employer branding and requires relentless analysis. Focus also facilitates the objective measuring of success and is the key to efficiency.

Channel Competence


The information-related behavior and media usage of the target group define the choice of channel. And the channel defines the mode of address.

Not only do we have to be where our target group informs and entertains itself, we also have to deliver adequate content there in order to achieve activation. Channel competence therefore also means being on equal footing with and as diverse as the target group.



Everyone knows what candidates' key criteria are for choosing an employer. What are younger generations looking for, what are experienced professionals looking for, what are blue collar workers looking for, what are ETH graduates looking for, what do women want for re-entry into the workforce, etc.?

There are sufficient studies and trend analyses available for this. So how do you manage to clearly differentiate yourself? It is the interplay of authenticity, creativity, courage, and consistency. And the employer image is only one piece of the puzzle in public perception.



Despite all the science on the shortage of skilled workers and the trends in the labor market, there is no formula that can be applied to provide a solution.

Consulting teams with experience in different industries, tasks, campaigns, models, and methods shorten the 'time to market' and accelerate the company's learning process.


Our Consulting Model

A-R-I-E: Attract – Recruit – Integrate – Empower. These are the components of a holistic employer branding strategy, around our core: the Employer Value Proposition. They serve as inspiration, as a process, as a procedure or simply as a topic of focus in our collaboration.

The shapes with a gray background show examples of the degree of fulfillment of employer branding per area for individuals, groups of individuals, or representatives of the company. These also indicate the urgency and fields of activity.


Do talents know us, do they find us relevant? What excites talents about our company? Why do they want to be part of our company and how do we even find out?

In this part of the process, we embark on a shared journey, starting with a sound analysis of the status quo and the market, from which we develop a strategy, goals and concrete measures

Important components here are topics such as the interaction of brand and people, diversity and inclusion, sustainability as a USP, cross-generational working and new work.


Who is actually our target group and who is not? How do we obtain skilled workers in areas that are especially difficult? And how do we position ourselves so that we find the right employees?

This is specifically about the recruitment of new personnel. Together, we examine needs and difficulties. But we also optimize the recruiting process – from the perspective of the consultant, the inspirer, but also the communicator.

In this way, processes can be redesigned or innovative, contemporary campaigns and recruitment measures can be developed.


How do you get off to the best possible start in a new company with a new employee? And how do we accompany people so that they find their way around in the existing work culture as quickly as possible?

We provide support in designing the right onboarding process. We work together to optimize the onboarding journey, then identify potential and derive concrete measures from it.

Novel concepts are emerging on the path to greater inclusion and identification.


How do we get suitable employees to stay with us as long as possible? How can they develop their potential to the optimum and become ambassadors? How can we integrate them in a profitable way? And are our empowerment and leadership approaches state of the art?

Fruit baskets are yesterday’s news. Today, there is much more to long-term and meaningful collaboration between employees and companies. Together, we will find out how fit your company is in terms of new work, compatibility, promotion and coaching, as well as the communication of success stories, and define where to begin further development. Employees are important ambassadors, even after they leave.


Successful Employer Branding across all phases of the talent journey

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