"We do not buy anonymous CO₂ certificates, but invest in concrete renewable energy projects and additionally plant trees. Traceable and verifiable. Climate-effective and transparent."

David Rost, CEO of MYTY Group





Climate partner Planted

Planted is a Cologne-based start-up founded in 2021 that specializes in the recording, reduction and compensation of CO₂ emissions. Planted's software allows us to measure our carbon footprint and their specialists help us to continuously reduce it with our entire team. What carbon dioxide emissions remain, we overcompensate through renewable energy projects selected by Planted. In addition, we plant climate-resistant trees on fallow land near our MYTY locations.




Renewable energies

At the DakRTih hydropower plant in the Vietnamese province of Dak Nong, renewable energy is generated for the local population with our support. With its two cascades, the power plant has a capacity of 144MW and 636,900 MWh of clean electricity per year. Compared to fossil power generation, it saves more than 363,000 tons of CO₂ per year in this way. The project is certified by TÜV Rheinland and the United Nations.



Climate-resistant mixed forests

In addition to CO₂ overcompensation via renewable energy projects, we plant trees on Central European fallow land together with Planted. In doing so, we rely on climate-stable tree species that permanently ensure more biodiversity, clean air, a balanced water balance and constant CO₂ absorption. Jan Borchert, a forester at Planted, plans and monitors the plantings in the MYTY forest. The planting season starts in the fall and continues until spring. During this time, the seedlings for the MYTY forest go into the ground. You can follow the progress via the digital twin of our forest soon.


"We want to go from being part of the problem to being part of the solution."

Fabian Moritz, COO of MYTY Group.


"Working with us means working for the climate."

Caroline Fritz, Climate Officer at MYTY.


Now the whole thing in more detail.


What exactly does MYTY net+ mean?

Together with our partner Planted, we remove more CO₂ from the atmosphere than we emit with our work. To be more precise: We compensate at least 25% more carbon dioxide via renewable energy projects than we produce with our business (offices, travel, material, energy for servers & heating etc.).

This means that we will become a net-positive company in 2023.


How does MYTY net+ work?

Together with our partner Planted, we finance renewable energy projects such as a hydropower plant in Vietnam, which, on balance, remove 25% more CO₂ from the atmosphere than we as a company put into it. We guarantee this positive climate impact for the entire MYTY Group. In addition, we are reforesting mixed forests of climate-resistant tree species with and through our partner Planted in Germany. Through employee and customer campaigns, incentives and special promotions, this effect may well be temporarily even greater. Important: These add-ons are genuine additional benefits. They are not counted towards our +25% compensation, but are added on top of it.


How does MYTY net+ grow?

We automatically integrate agencies that join our group into the MYTY net+ model. This means that the larger we become, the greater the positive impact of the MYTY Group on the bottom line. Conversely, the fewer CO₂ emissions we emit in the future, the less we have to overcompensate.


Where exactly are the MYTY trees located?

The seedlings for our MYTY forest will be planted this fall on fallow land close to Berlin. More forests in other MYTY countries will follow.


What distinguishes MYTY net+ from greenwashing?

We don't buy anonymous CO₂ certificates but invest in specific renewable energy projects and tree plantations on our doorstep, whose development we can track and monitor. Also important: We monitor our carbon footprint and strive to constantly reduce it further. So what we are doing is not selling indulgences, but overcompensating for our absolutely unavoidable CO₂ emissions.


Why aren't we simply ”climate positive”?

Of course, we continue to emit CO₂ with everything we do. For example, we cannot record the CO₂ balance of our many freelancers and service providers, which is why they are included in our carbon footprint with a lump sum value. That's why we can't be 'climate positive' any more than most companies or products are ”climate neutral”. Also important: We monitor our carbon footprint and strive to constantly reduce it further. So what we are doing is not selling indulgences, but overcompensating for our absolutely unavoidable CO₂ emissions.


How is each individual MYTY agency involved?

Each agency has a Climate Officer. Working closely with Planted, our MYTY Climate Officers pursue the goal of not only recording their carbon footprint, but also continuously reducing it. To this end, the agencies go through a certification process with Planted to determine their current carbon footprint. Data from the vehicle fleet, the office (energy consumption), commuting behavior and office materials are quantified in a tool and thus form the basis for this. Together, all MYTY Climate Officers drive the issues that help make working within the Group more sustainable.