Climate protection: MYTY launches net+ initiative

Agency network MYTY has partnered with Cologne-based start-up Planted to launch a sustainability initiative. The collaboration aims to transform the entire MYTY Group into a net climate-positive network while implementing comprehensive measures to reduce CO₂ emissions and protect the environment.

The „MYTY net+“ initiative marks a significant step for the agency network: MYTY wants to become net climate positive. To this end, MYTY offsets all unavoidable CO₂ emissions in cooperation with Planted. Planted is a Cologne-based start-up founded in 2021 that specializes in the recording, reduction and compensation of CO₂ emissions. Planted’s individualized software solution supports MYTY in measuring their CO₂ footprint and continuously reducing it.

Overcompensation of CO₂ emissions and local environmental protection.             

MYTY even goes one step further: the remaining CO₂ emissions are overcompensated by 25 percent. The network achieves this through targeted investments in UN-certified renewable energy power plants that produce clean electricity and replace fossil energy sources. In addition to overcompensating for CO₂ emissions, MYTY also actively engages with Planted to protect the local environment by reforesting climate resilient trees on brownfield sites in close proximity to MYTY locations. This means that MYTY removes more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere overall than the network emits.

We are proud to join forces with Planted to make our vision of a net climate positive network a reality. Our MYTY net+ initiative will not only offset and overcompensate for our own CO₂ emissions, but also have a tangible positive impact on the environment by investing in effective sustainability projects."

David Rost, Group CEO of MYTY

Climate Officers in every MYTY agency                                                                                       

The MYTY net+ initiative is implemented through the appointment of Climate Officers in each MYTY agency. Working closely with Planted, they pursue the goal of not only recording the CO₂ balance, but also continuously reducing it. To this end, each agency undergoes a certification process to determine its current CO₂ footprint. Data from various sources is incorporated: the vehicle fleet, energy consumption in the office, commuting behavior and office materials are all taken into account. Based on the results, individual reduction strategies are used to reduce CO₂ emissions and achieve sustainability goals.

"As Climate Officers at MYTY, we play a critical role in shaping and implementing our sustainability goals. Our role is to guide all agencies on our Climate Action Journey. From recording our CO₂ balances to implementing internal CO₂ reduction measures, we are the engine for change and proof that collective efforts can indeed create a more sustainable future."

Caroline Fritz, Senior People & Culture Manager & Climate Officer at MYTY

By embedding sustainability into the company’s core principles and actively involving employees, MYTY aims to make a positive contribution to the environment. Agencies new to the Group are automatically integrated into the MYTY net+ model. This means that as the MYTY Group grows, the positive climate effect tends to increase. At the same time, the reverse effect works: the more CO₂ MYTY reduces in the future, the less overcompensation is required.


Theresa Huber-Scheiff

Senior Communications Manager