Hutter Consult joins MYTY

Hutter Consult AG, a social media pioneer and one of the leading social media marketing agencies in the German-speaking region, joins the MYTY Group. In addition to owner and managing director Thomas Hutter, also known as the Facebook Pope, the management team of Florian Muff, Thomas Besmer and Claude Sprenger will also join the MYTY Group.

Since 2009, the Hutter Consult team has been supporting numerous clients in the areas of performance marketing and social commerce on the widest-reaching social channels. Different fields of activity include marketing and advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok and the application of appropriate tools for the corresponding channels.

In 2020, Hutter Consult was responsible for an advertising budget of over 45 million euros, has managed several thousand Facebook pages since its founding, and, with over 3,000 posts and more than 19.5 million visitors to its own blog, has delivered one of the most impressive self-references in the industry.

“Hutter Consult AG has continually grown over the years and has been able to specialize and position itself well within the social media environment. We are ready for the next step in our growth and we see a lot of synergy and growth potential in joining the MYTY Group with its well-matched agencies with identical entrepreneurial and go-getter spirit. At the same time, we are able to offer our clients complementary services from a single source. We are really looking forward to our new colleagues and to collaboration within the MYTY Group,” says Thomas Hutter, CEO of Hutter Consult AG.

With its leading market position for social media marketing, Hutter Consult has been the preferred candidate to fill this important area for the DACH region since the beginning of the group’s formation.

Stephan Suter, Managing Director of MYTY Switzerland

However, Hutter Consult is not only a practitioner in the field of social media marketing. Clients particularly appreciate the professional competence and extensive knowledge around the technically demanding platforms and their social mechanics. In its extensive coaching and consulting services, Hutter Consult imparts digital know-how to companies and enables them to achieve long-term and sustainable success on social channels.

“With Thomas Hutter’s crew, we are able to optimally ensure the successful integration of social media for clients of all MYTY agencies and can deepen and further expand our own expertise,” says Andreas Jorgella, a MYTY partner and the director of business development at The House.

As for all entries into MYTY, the following applies: MYTY buys all shares in Hutter Consult AG and in return the agency’s management team participates in the MYTY Group. Hutter Consult remains operationally, strategically and culturally autonomous and will independently lead existing and new clients.

MYTY CEO David Rost on the expansion of the group: “With the team around Thomas and his agency, Hutter Consult, the pioneers of social media marketing in the German-speaking region have become part of the MYTY Group. We are very excited about this great expansion and the numerous cross-group synergy effects and cooperative potentials.”

The MYTY Group’s goal is to unite all essential technical and creative disciplines of digital marketing in a fleet of independently operating agency speedboats. With over 400 employees from eight agencies in strategically significant locations in Switzerland and Germany, comprehensive skills in strategy, creation, technology and marketing are found here under one roof.


Theresa Huber-Scheiff

Senior Communications Manager