Technology that moves services and products forward


We offer more than strategy and communication. At MYTY, we also provide the technological foundations and innovations to let brands and products shine for B2B and B2C. Content, development and technology from a single source, from analyzing data to launching landing pages and websites on dedicated hosts to creating apps and virtual realities.

The basis for good performance

Creativity is successful when appearance, form and function are in harmony. But every area of application is different and requires individual solutions. Analogue, digital, cross-media: we put together interdisciplinary teams of proven creative experts to find answers to your company’s creative questions.


Our TECHNOLOGY services:

Business Intelligence

Good communication requires a solid foundation. We create this foundation using hard business data and transform it not only into comprehensible insights, but also into high-quality communication – internally, externally, B2B and B2C.

Tech & Data Strategy

New technologies require innovative strategies. From automation to AI to NFT – we help you to anchor decisions strategically. Let’s set off together on the road to a data-driven future with innovative methods and tried-and-tested processes.

eCommerce & ShopTech

eCommerce is how customers experience brands and make purchasing decisions digitally. We take online shops to a new level: with the latest ShopTech infrastructure, innovative ideas and years of experience, every shop becomes an online experience, whether as a website or an app.

Data Science & Analytics

The knowledge is there, but it’s difficult to navigate. Where your company can no longer see the facts through all the data, that’s where we can help. We find the important information and help define recommended actions for brands.

Creative AI

It’s about using the new possibilities of artificial intelligence in a targeted and profitable way. With our creative AI services, your company increases its efficiency, reduces costs and always keeps content on brand. Our interdisciplinary AI:DEAFACTORY team develops comprehensive solutions.

Web Development

Web development isn’t just about a website or webshop – we create applications that work across platforms, dock onto your company’s ERP, CRM or CMS, and generate added value. Always mobile first, always thinking from the user’s perspective.

Mobile App Development

Mobile use continues to increase, and apps are the ultimate access point for users to interact individually with brands and companies. We build integrated apps around existing interfaces for shops and campaigns that bring real added value to brands and their customers.

Web3 & Blockchain Technologies

NFT, DAO, Dapp? Cryptic to others, the market of the future to us. We help brands to make their voice heard in Web3 and develop meaningful products in the constantly growing field of blockchain applications. We know where artificial intelligence can be used in communication in a meaningful way in order to strengthen your brand.